INNO at CEEcosystem Summit 2023
On November 10, the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest hosted the CEEcosystem Summit, drawing together 50 speakers and 40 companies from 12 countries. The event aimed to amplify the visibility of the domestic startup scene and strengthen the collective viability of the Central and Eastern European ecosystem. A key moment during the summit was Panel 2, which explored the roles of incubators, accelerators, and event organizers in the ecosystem. Panel which featured Laviniu Chis, INNO department coordinator. Moderated by Milos Milicsevics, from VCLeaders and Corvinus University of Budapest, the panel included voices from various sectors: Laviniu Chis, LevelUP Accelerator, Gergő Gulyás, OUVC - Venture Capital & Venture Studio; Mark Kalin, ABC Accelerator; Dorka Végvári-Gerencsér, MVM Smart Future Lab; Peter Mogyorosi, Creative Accelerator; and Baiba Rozenberga, MBH Fintechlab. The central theme explored the intricate dynamics of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial events in shaping the startup landscape. Discussions delved into the essential roles these entities play in fostering business development, showcasing venture capital financiers, and overall contributing to economic development. A notable focal point was the insightful discussion on the gamification of startup support. The panelists shared practical insights into innovative approaches aimed at supporting emerging businesses. The emphasis was on strategies and ideas that could create a conducive environment for startup growth. Watch the full discussion here: By providing a platform for sharing experiences, ideas, and strategies, events such as the CEEcosystem Summit foster a culture of innovation. The exchange of insights during such gatherings strengthens the collective commitment to building a robust and interconnected startup ecosystem. And we are delighted to be part of this movement! As the startup landscape continues to evolve, these collaborative efforts are instrumental in propelling the Central and Eastern European ecosystem to new heights of innovation and development.
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