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Want to learn more about regional innovation?
There are six smart specialization domains promoted in the North-Western region, innovative domains funded through ROP NW 2021-2027. Discover them here.

Technology transfer is the backbone of getting new solutions from concept to the assembly line, from a lab to our homes, from an academic environment to the open market.

And while, luckily, good ideas are never in short supply, turning them into actual supply can be a road that twists and turns, with the ‘driver’
having to use optimum speed and route without endangering the trip. This is where entities focused on technology transfer kick in.

Now, more than ever, it is vital you leave a unique mark on the world. Protecting innovation, and by extension intellectual property, is an indispensable step.

Among other tools, we help you learn how to protect your IP with a series of workshops focused on intellectual property and its importance.

We're working on a Regional Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment Strategy, which involves a two-stage process. We started by analysing the regional, national and European strategies in the field, identifying trends, priority areas and other methodologies. We are now in the second stage of the process: consultation with entities in the region's ecosystem.

In addition, North-West RDA has a Smart Specialization Strategy and constantly creates Regional Development Plans and other essential programs for the development of innovation at a regional level.

A connected and well-informed entrepreneur is a succesful entrepreneur. We provide potential investors with all the data sets they need to invest in the North West region, be it economic, demographic or legal information.

This section includes not only dry data sets, but also reports, studies and other materials designed to contextualize today's reality into tomorrow's plans.

Research work and the effort it entails are worth putting out into the world, especially when they take the form of patents prepared to make tomorrow's world safer, more efficient, more predictable or healthier.

These research results find their place in RIEP. From there, we will make sure they reach those who can help scientific work get out of the lab and become reality.