Startup Heatmap Report 2023
The Startup Heatmap Europe Report 2023 was launched at July's DEEP Conference in Budapest. Dr. Erica Santini, Co-Founder and Head of Research at DEEP Ecosystems, presented the findings to ecosystem experts from 30 countries, including our team. Published by DEEP Ecosystems in collaboration with the non-profit European Startup Initiative, the report is Europe’s most comprehensive study on the development of startup ecosystems and founder mobility. This year, London takes the lead from Berlin as the most popular destination among European tech founders. Here are the top 10 most popular startup hubs 2023: 1. London 2. Berlin 3. Barcelona 4. Amsterdam 5. Paris 6. Lisbon 7. Munich 8. Tallinn 9. Stockholm 10. Zurich Moreover, the study reveals insights about the hyper-mobility of startups in Europe and the significance of having an open ecosystem. To create a thriving atmosphere for collaboration and innovation, it's crucial to promote knowledge sharing, networking, cross-sector partnerships, and provide opportunities for startups to access resources, mentorship, and funding. Here is what the study found about the hyper-mobility of startups: • 31% of founders in Europe come from abroad • 61% of startup teams have relocated to participate in accelerator programs • 74% of startups have a presence in more than 1 country Thomas Kösters, CEO of DEEP Ecosystems, summarizes the findings: “Europe is attractive for startups. But success is not spread evenly, and to remain successful we need strategies to collaborate in an open and inter-connected ecosystem in which big and small hubs stand to benefit”. For those who want to see the full report, The Startup Heatmap Europe can be downloaded here:
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