Agile Project Management Workshop at LevelUP Accelerator
Do you know the difference between "hearing" and "applying"? And what does this have to do with the most successful products and services on the market? A successful product is backed by a self-organized and cross-functional team that not only interacts with the customer but also "listens" to the customer in order to apply the feedback received in the development of the product that the team is building. In theory, it's simple, right? However, a recent study by CBinsights shows that most start-ups fail because the products they launch either do not solve a real problem, or there is no need for that product/service in the market, or simply the product is one stab. Specifically, most start-ups fail because their products/services do not correspond to the market and do not adjust their development strategy according to customer needs or requirements. Customers change, they change their behavior, and their habits, and ...they change us, or at least they should, especially if we want to be successful. So how to we turn the change into a successful project using the right framework? Cristina Bogățeanu will host an intensive training session on the sixth session of LevelUP Accelerator for our start-up founders. The „Agile Project Management for Startups in Life Sciences and Health Tech” workshop help you better understand how the customer's behavior and needs actually determine the development or adjustment of the products and consequently what is your role in this whole process and how you can adapt to this process. The term "Agile" refers to flexibility and the ability to adapt to change. Projects developed in an Agile framework are based on an iterative approach, which means that project processes are repeated many times throughout the project's life cycle. Iterations can be repeated based on the feedback received - as many times as needed. We will discuss more how and to whom we ask for feedback, constraints, team, roles, iterations, product backlog, a subset of activities, and much more in this training. Here are the key concepts start-ups can acquire during the workshop: 🔹 What they are and how they are made: Personas, User Stories, Scenarios, Storyboards; 🔹 Creating an Agile Roadmap using Story mapping; 🔹 Backlog grooming; 🔹 Sprint planning; 🔹 Daily scrum / stand-ups; 🔹 Sprint review / retrospectives; 🔹 Experimentation on one of the following platforms: Asana / Trello / Jira. About Cristiana Bogățeanu In her new role at Nagarro which she embraced last year, she contributes to the Life Sciences & Healthcare Business Unit's growth along with a team of worldwide experts. Cristiana was an organizational leader, CEO at ROTSA, and serial entrepreneur who co-founded eight startups. Today she is part of multiple international startup acceleration programs, an independent grant evaluator, an angel investor, and a mentor in +100 tech startups, advising them on their business decisions. Through multiple 1:1 mentoring activities or through specific programs, she was actively involved in the development of the national startup ecosystem. Thus, she became an ambassador of technological innovations, a promoter of sustainable change, and a supporter of initiatives regardless of the field of applicability, from ideation to MVP, go-to-market, and access to private funds/VC, angels. Over the years, she has been actively involved in entrepreneurship education and activities, mentoring, business development consulting, creating, and organizing incubation and acceleration programs dedicated to entrepreneurial training, and interacting with the world of multinationals and startups.
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