Workshop: How to Build a Defensible Business Model for MedTech and BioTech
Ever wondered what sets apart the 10% of start-ups that successfully make it to market? In the highly competitive world of health and life sciences, understanding the key factors that contribute to their success is essential. We are thrilled to introduce our Techsylvania Satellite Workshop, titled “How to Build a Defensible Business Model for MedTech and BioTech”. Led by Nelli Morgulchik, an industry expert, this workshop will provide valuable insights into the lean start-up methodology and best practices for developing defensible business models in the fields of biotechnology and medical technology. Nelli Morgulchik will be addressing some crucial questions during the workshop: Why do start-ups in the biotech and medtech sectors often fail? What is the Lean Start-up methodology, and how can entrepreneurs shift their focus from solutions to problems? How can entrepreneurs find the right product-market fit for their medtech products? These questions will be explored in-depth, providing participants with valuable insights and strategies to overcome common challenges faced by start-ups in these industries. The workshop is scheduled for June 8th at 2 pm and will take place on Zoom. The best part? It's completely free! This is a remarkable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in biotech and medtech to learn from a seasoned professional. To secure your spot, sign up through the Eventbrite registration page: About Nelli Morgulchik: Nelli is a Venture Development Associate at Pioneer Group, a life sciences venture builder, investor and campus operator. In this role, she leads their Accelerator Programme, coaching aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses from the ground up through structured venture-building programmes. Before joining Pioneer Group, Nelli was a Strategy & Partnerships Associate at Hertility, an award-winning women's health start-up, pivoting existing products and services towards a B2B2C business model and supporting cross-team operations and next-round fundraising. Beyond her experience leading international interdisciplinary life sciences conferences and medical technology & healthcare entrepreneurial projects, Nelli consulted biotech and pharmaceutical companies on global and regional commercial strategy. Nelli holds a Master's in Drug Discovery and Development from Imperial College London and a Bachelor's in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Our Techsylvania Satellite Workshop, led by Nelli Morgulchik, offers an incredible opportunity to gain insights into the secrets of successful start-ups in the health and life sciences sectors. By understanding the principles of the lean start-up methodology and developing defensible business models, participants will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in these industries. Don't miss out on this valuable workshop! Register today and take your first step toward building a successful start-up in the life sciences field.
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