2022: A Year In Review
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2022 has come and gone, leaving in its wake a flurry of activity that has propelled us forward towards our goals. After a year of virtual meetings and remote work, it was a breath of fresh air to be back in the office, meeting with colleagues and clients face-to-face. The enthusiasm was palpable, and we were all eager to jump headfirst into the challenges that lay ahead. Our focus in 2022 was threefold: innovation, entrepreneurship, and attracting investments. Our goal was to make the INNO platform a hub where these directions meet and develop together. Thank you for being a part of our journey, whether you actively supported us as a partner or colleague of NW RDA, participated in consultations and helped us better understand the ecosystems we want to help, or if you were a user of the INNO platform and supported us online. Now, let's get down to the numbers. The results of 2022 speak for themselves. Thanks to our close collaboration with local authorities and partners, we accomplished impressive outcomes in terms of attracting investors to the region: • 3 investors chose the North-West region (Cesal, Stihl, PressGlass), their investments totaling 225 million euros and creating 350 jobs • 3 delegations with potential investors organized and accompanied to the region • Constant communication with 423 municipalities in the region to identify available land • 57 suitable land plots identified for investment, out of which 53 are available and can be seen in the "Invest in North-West" section of the INNO platform • We are currently in talks with investors from Europe and Asia whose potential investment could amount to a staggering 1 billion euros • 16 hours dedicated to educating representatives of local public administration and support organizations on attracting investors and maintaining relations with the private sector By harnessing the expertise of our team's entrepreneurship specialists, we have actively bolstered the development of local entrepreneurship through: • Launching the StartUP LevelUP entrepreneurship program and organizing the first edition of Level 1:Entrepreneurial Mindset • 3 Workshops on Market Readiness Level • 4 workshops on entrepreneurial topics during Busy 4 Business Week • 2 workshops on entrepreneurial topics in Azi Student, Mâine Antreprenor • 1 Workshop on entrepreneurial topics in WeMeet • 7 PRIA profiles for start-ups on the INNO platform Innovation is a topic we love, so this year we tried to make it flourish and come to market through: • 2 workshops on protecting and capitalizing on intellectual property • Supporting and guiding research teams within the Research Valorization Program 2.0 • 17 innovative PRIA profiles registered on the INNO platform • Participation in the EIT Health Drive training program, through which we will develop a program to support innovative startups in the health sector • 270 research groups in the North-West region of the country identified and mapped • 22 discussions and meetings with the academic environment (PI leaders and developers) for capitalizing on intellectual property • Maintaining a strong relationship and collaborating with 15 student NGOs • Countless discussions with regional and international actors to achieve common partnerships and projects • Creating a database with 36 European innovation agencies We cannot conclude this list without mentioning that: • We launched INNO 2.0, a new version of the platform • We organized Innovation. Switch it on!, one of the first physical events of the year that brought together numerous actors from innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment ecosystems in the region • We hosted and provided support in the successful implementation of 3 funding calls "Azi Student, Mâine Antreprenor", SACET, and DIGIRURAL on the INNO platform • We created a database with over 700 regional stakeholders from academic, corporate, SME-Startups, public institutions, and enabler organizations • We organized private and group consultations with regional stakeholders to create the INNO Regional Activity Plan for Increasing Investment in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem • We worked on developing strategic relationships with representatives from the quadruple helix through participation in events, conferences, and meetings (Innowave Summit 2022, Techsylvania, Romania-Singapore bilateral meeting organized by Cluj IT Cluster, BHT Startup Bootcamp in Berlin, SSIMA Re: Imagine Healthcare, Cluj Innovation Days, and many more) Once again, we thank everyone who supported us because you laid the foundation for these achievements. Although we have managed to accomplish a large part of what we set out to do this year, our resolution list for 2023 is longer than ever, and we are excited to start fulfilling it. Happy New Year and may it be full of accomplishments!
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