Press Glass to Invest 50 Million Euros in Oradea
Press Glass Production SRL, one of the largest producers of insulating glass in Europe, is coming to Romania, to the Eurobusiness IV industrial park in Oradea. The investment contract was approved on November 24, 2022 by the Oradea Local Council and will create over 200 jobs. The Polish company will use the 8-hectare plot to build a factory, with production expected to start in up to three years. Congratulations to the Oradea Local Development Agency (ADLO) for realizing this €50 million investment that will further help develop the North-West region. We are proud to have contributed to this success! Discussions between Press Glass investors and INNO began as early as September of last year, when we received a request from them expressing their intention to open a factory in Romania. Following confirmation of the investors' requirements, we began the process of researching regional investment offers. We started by consulting our team-curated database of over 60 public and private available plots of land, identified the ones that meet the investor's requests, and contacted municipalities and real estate developers to ensure that the information was up-to-date. We managed to identify several plots that met the requirements of the Poles, out of which seven high-potential plots were selected to visit. The delegation of Polish investors came to Romania in the beginning of April and, for two days, accompanied by our colleague Laviniu Chiș, visited the seven sites. They were welcomed in Cluj-Napoca by the management of the North-West Regional Development Agency, and in Oradea by the General Manager of the Oradea Local Development Agency, Alina Silaghi. The agenda of the Polish delegates was completed with numerous meetings with the mayors of the localities where the targeted plots were located, recruitment and human resources agencies, and real estate agencies. The investors' visit to the region ended with a tour of the city and Oradea Citadel. During the delegation, Press Glass investors expressed interest in the Eurobusiness IV Industrial Park. We are pleased to see that the collaborative efforts of INNO, ADLO, North-West RDA, municipalities and partner agencies have borne fruit and materialized in this investment. 2022 was an important year in terms of attracting investments to the region, both for Oradea, which proved extremely attractive to investors, and for INNO. This is the second major investment that INNO has facilitated in the region, after the German company Stihl confirmed a €125 million investment in Oradea in June. PRESS GLASS PRESS GLASS started its activity in 1991, with the main objective of producing frames for windows. In the following ten years, it established itself as the leading Polish producer of insulating glass units. Starting in 2001, the company committed to external sales and built additional factories in Poland. It also expanded its offer to new market segments. The company became the largest European producer of flat glass processed for the construction industry. The first foreign subsidiaries were established in 2014 and subsequently, in the following year, the first plants outside of Poland were opened.
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