Building Bridges for Business: Liverpool Delegration
INNO, represented by Laviniu Chis, actively participated in a recent business delegation to Liverpool, fostering connections and exploring collaborative opportunities between Romanian and UK businesses. Organized by the RISE Institute and Liverpool Hope University, the delegation witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise, laying a foundation for potential partnerships. The Romanian delegation members were Laviniu Chis (INNO), Alexandru Jura (Accesa), Teodora Chifor (RISE Institute), and Georgeta Busuioc (Arisen Universal SRL). On the UK side, Elena Encisco represented the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Urs Hauenstein represented Liverpool Hope University. During their visit, the delegation had the opportunity to explore several key institutions, including the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Liverpool Hope University, and The Spine—a workspace recognized for its commitment to mental health and physical well-being. Over two days, the delegation actively engaged in discussions, fostering connections within the UK business environment. Laviniu Chis took the lead in a workshop titled "Doing Business with Romania & EU," shedding light on the investment attractiveness of our region. ISROM, Thermal Technology, and Accesa, three Romanian companies part of the delegation, added substantial value to the event by delivering informative presentations that provided insights into their business operations. The success of this collaborative effort was orchestrated by Teodora Chifor, who facilitated a perfect platform for fortifying business relations between the UK and the North-West region. Thanks are due to the hosts, Liverpool Hope Business School and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, for their warm reception. This delegation not only served as a bridge for potential commercial collaborations but also strengthened the bonds between the UK and Romanian business communities, marking a significant step towards enhanced international cooperation. Bridging people, industries, universities, and regions.
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