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The past month has been a whirlwind of excitement as we had the privilege of attending multiple outstanding events and conferences. From the future of healthcare to the latest technological advancements, we had the opportunity to explore it all. We are grateful for the invitations extended to us, allowing us to participate in events such as HealthFEST, Cluj Innovation Days, Identicom4, and Techsylvania. Each event brought together industry leaders, visionaries, and forward-thinkers, creating an environment buzzing with innovation and collaboration. Buckle up and join us as we recount our incredible month of events! ADMA TranS4MErs and INNO at IDENTICOM4 The IDENTICOM4 Industry and Technology Fair took place in Cluj-Napoca between May 24-26, at the Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries (CREIC). IDENTICOM4 is centered around fostering the connection between forward-thinking companies, digitalization in the Industry 4.0 era, quality-driven vision, and their customer base. The fair's activities are strategically designed to facilitate networking and foster direct communication channels among exhibitors, visitors, and potential employees. Many international and Romanian companies from various industries such as automation, automotive, metal processing, logistics, industrial sensing, machine construction, plastics, aerospace, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, ceramics, spare parts, food processing, wood processing, software, and research and development took part in this edition of the fair. This edition, The North-West Regional Development Agency (ADR NV) had a booth at IDENTICOM4 where we promoted the ADMA TranS4Mers program that facilitates the digital transformation of companies in the industry through specialized assistance in planning stages and access to over 200 dedicated services provided by relevant organizations from all European Union member states. Additionally, experts from ADR Nord-Vest delivered a presentation on the first day of the fair dedicated to the entrepreneurial community regarding funding opportunities within the North-West Regional Program 2021-2027. Laviniu Chiș then spoke about the support services offered by INNO, particularly focusing on attracting foreign investments. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to promote the projects in which the Agency is involved and for the chance to interact with the most high-performing and innovative industrial solutions throughout the three days.
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